Adds a HUD to show current ingame time and position also tool to visualize map-blocks

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PosTool mod for Minetest

Adds configurable HUD elements for current: position (node and block) and time. If advtrains is installed, it can also display railway time. If mesecons_debug is installed, this info can also be displayed.

Use chat command /postool to invoke formspec to toggle elements and position of HUD.


Pick a location.

Use the tool.

Invoke formspec with /postool

Example display of HUD

The progress-bar shows the mesecons usage in current block. It changes colour based on penalty.

When not disabled and user is not standing in the middle block of a chunk, then a smaller, green grid shows in which direction the chunk borders are. The closer to the orange grid the green one is, the closer a chunk border is in that direction.


Crafting recipe:

        |               |               | default:glass |
        |               | default:torch |               |
        | default:stick |               |               |

Punch or place with PosTool to show a grid of the map-block at that position. If PosTool is used on a node, that nodes position will be used otherwise players position.


Settings with default values:

# HUD offsets in screen percentage
postool.hud.offsetx                     0.8
postool.hud.offsety                     0.95
# HUD z_index (does not seem to work)
postool.hud.offsetz                     -111
# how to separate x, y and z values
postool.hud.posseparator                ' | '
# titles in HUD and formspec
postool.hud.titletrain                  'Railway Time: '
postool.hud.titletime                   'Time: '
postool.hud.titlenode                   'Node: '
postool.hud.titleblock                  'Block: '
postool.hud.titlemesecons               'Mesecons: '
# value shown in HUD when
# advtrains is not enabled
postool.hud.titletrainna                'advtrains not enabled'
# main HUD switch
postool.hud.defaultshowmain             false (0/1)
# which items to initially show
postool.hud.defaultshowtrain            false (0/1)
postool.hud.defaultshowtime             false (0/1)
postool.hud.defaultshownode             true (0/1)
postool.hud.defaultshowblock            true (0/1)
postool.hud.defaultshowmesecons         false (0/1)
postool.hud.defaultshowmeseconsdetails  false (0/1)
# wait at least this long
# before updating HUD (seconds)
postool.hud.minupdateinterval           2
# how long to show grid for
# when tool is used
postool.tool.griddisplayduration        12
postool.tool.suppresschunkindicator false (0/1)


This mod was strongly inspired by poshud. Some techniques I borrowed from missions. I also want to mention replacer <- Coil0's version <- Sokomine's version and protector as I used parts of them too. @6r1d for screenshots and support

Thanks also to the users of for feedback and inspiration to actually write this mod. @Huhhila for pushing the mapchunk indicator idea. On #minetest IRC/discord @Warr1024, @hlqkj and @Krock for chiming in the discussion.

Thanks to @BuckarooBanzay for helping debugging postool in node-breakers.

(If you feel I should include you by name, just submit a PR)



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