Simple Furniture

Adds a selection of furniture with simple designs


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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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This mod adds 5 pieces of furniture with as many as 18 variants based on the crafting materials used. They are all designed to be simple, with no functionality other than being a set of decor items. The goal was to make them fit in with other blocks as best as possible, so as not to disrupt the blocky aesthetic of the MT Game.

There are two chairs, two tables, and a cabinet as the furniture pieces. There is a large range of materials they can be made from to allow for a good amount of flexibility when building. I thought about only having wood as the only material, then I started getting ideas for other scenarios where I am in a cold biome or the desert. There's a lot of nodes, and the furniture will hopefully make for a good use of them.

Update 1.0.2:

-Added Dry Plank furniture for the Dynamic Trees mod if it's installed.



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