Mystical Agriculture

Adds Resource Crops, Seeds, Essences, and other cool things!

Plants and Farming Survival

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How do I install this?

Mystical Agriculture (For Minetest)

The "grow-everything" mod.

What does it do?

This mod allows you to farm many resources that you otherwise would be unable to farm.
The purpose is to allow passive resource generation to reduce or replace the burden of mining, exploring, etc. Additionally, the mod can eliminate the need for destructive terraforming—if you love your world too much to destroy it for the sake of gathering dirt, stone, ore, etc... or if you play Skyblock and simply don't have the option of mining terrain, then this mod is for you!

How do I farm everything?

Each compatible resource has seeds, plants, and essence.
Craft and place seeds on farmland (or special growth crystals) to grow plants which, when ripe and harvested, produce unique essence; collect and craft essences into the given resource. You can farm a lot of different resources, even diamonds :)

My avarice is unsatiated. How do I get MORE and FASTER?

Crops will grow on normal farmland, but they grow slowly.
To speed things up, use magical fertilizer.
To invest in a permanent speed buff, place a growth crystal under the soil.
Still not enough? Place crops on harvest crystals instead of soil for them to automatically harvest mature crops. (Best paired with a technical mod that allows for the automatic collection of items.) STILL not enough? Don't forget rule #1 of farming: invest your output back into crafting more seeds for a larger farm.


Do not be sad! It is quite easy to add new resources!
See forum post for technical details.


See the included file (license.txt).



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good but somewhat useless

    When I applied this mod with many of its optional dependencies I looked pretty good as it provided many essences which I thought coul be useful.I was even surprised to see more than even 9 essences of uranium itself and immediately got to work to craft and farm them but all of yhis was a moment of joy only for a second for which I realized that only 2 of them were useful rest were totally useless to be farmed even. It was a total waste of time to craft,farm and harvest them for no good. Same with some default essences like earth essence and dye essence which are just worthless to be even crafted.

    So please fix this by adding usages to the essences and make them worth to be crafted and used by players.But still I have to say that you have put great effort for adding those essences and their seeds. But still please add the cast iron essence and seeds


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