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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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  • Added new group {falling_node_hurt} to hurt players below falling items.
  • Falling nodes will only replace airlike, buildable to, water and attached nodes.
  • Any attached nodes will drop as item when replaced.
  • Falling nodes with a light source fall with glow active.
  • Added 'falling_step(self, pos, dtime)' custom on_step for falling items. 'self' contains falling object data. 'self.node' is the node currently falling. 'self.meta' is the metadata contained within the falling node. 'pos' holds position of falling item. 'dtime' used for timers.

return false to skip further checks by falling_item



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  • Adds needed functionality

    Certain falling nodes should cause damage to the player. This mod adds that important functionality. Though it only adds for certain nodes. I ask that it be allowed to be used for adding fall damage to any node other modders would like to add.
    Edit: Based on TenPlus1's comment adding the following code to your mod will allow you to add fall damage to any node: local function add_fall_damage(node, damage)

    local function add_fall_damage(node, damage)
        if minetest.registered_nodes[node] then
            local group = minetest.registered_nodes[node].groups
            group.falling_node_damage = damage
            minetest.override_item(node, {groups = group})
            print (node .. " not found to add falling_node_damage to")
    add_fall_damage("my_mod:my_node", 3)

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