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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Regrow tree fruits instead of replanting saplings. This mod works differently to other regrow mods by only having 1 single node registered instead of one per fruit.



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  • Useful

    You are right, waiting until the sapling grows is too long. Nice mod, and nice add on too!

  • Nice and simple but effective. Regrow is a very useful mod if you like more fruit than just apples.

    I highly recommend this mod.

    Bothered by vanishing fruits around your favourite place after picking some oranges or other non-apple fruit for food? Just install this mod and forget about it. Any fruit picked from a tree will regrow after some time. Simple as that and a great effect. Keeps your avatar healthy and your world colourful.

    Certainly server admins will like the streamlined design of the code.

    NB: MT apple trees regrow apples by default.