SF Inventory Bags

Adds a BAGS tab to SF Inventory with slots for different size bags to store items

Inventory Storage

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds a BAGS tab to your SF Inventory and allows the player to craft different sized bags to place into each slot, open it and then use as a separate inventory.

Bags are crafted using leather so most mobs mods will work fine, but just incase Vegan leather can be crafted using mushrooms :)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very good for hoarding stuff, the regular inventory space seems never enough

    It is not compatible with Mesecraft, but I modified the init.lua file in order to fix the missing ingredient. Just adding the top condition in line 291 to include mesecraft_mobs:leather :

    -- use leather if mesecraft_mobs found
    if minetest.get_modpath("mesecraft_mobs") then
        item1 = "mesecraft_mobs:leather"
        -- use leather if mobs redo found
    elseif minetest.get_modpath("mobs") then
        item1 = "mobs:leather"
        -- use leather if petz found
    elseif minetest.get_modpath("petz") then
        item1 = "petz:leather"

    Please add it to the main source code, I wasn't sure how to make the request.

    Thanks for the mod.

  • Bags

    good way to make people keep stuff after death, to make a hard survival server.. i'd keep only the smallest bag tho

  • compatible with quick crafting mods?

    ver nice. I like how you implemented this as a separate tab, and ensured you have to empty the bags to be able to drop or swap the bags around. will this work with quick crafting / gridless crafting mods? like rubenwardy's [crafting] mod? for example, will his mod know the presense of items stored in your extra bags in order to give players ability to quick craft an item?