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physics, simplified but should work in the proper direction for the most part.
indirect control - instead of controlling the boat directly, 
    you control the sail and the rudder which exert forces on the hull.


left/right: rudder left/right
space: raise/lower the sail
    sail raised: loosen/tighten the sheet
    sail lowered: row forward/backwards

210110 Fix possible crash related to engine attachments bug

191116 Turn rate improved
191022 Smash the boat with some dye to color the sail.
191026 Hit the boat a few times with something harder than hand to destroy it and reclaim some material.



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  • Great physics, but reconsider speed?

    Overall, a very nice mod- the boats work well, models are great, and the physics are great. I'm a big fan of this mod.

    However, the boats are slow. If you want to go in a particular direction and the wind happens to be in your favor, you'll go fast- but anything else and you'll be going really slow. Turning off your sail (which you can toggle with Spacebar) will make you go a little bit faster, but still not as fast (about 2/3 as fast) as the regular boats:boat! There is really not much you can do when the wind isn't agreeing with you.

    If you use this mod alongside the boats mod, you might find yourself using the boats:boat more than this one for that reason.I propose something like up-wind propulsion (which happens in irl boats) - some new physics to make this a rival to the boats:boat! People smart enough to sail their ship well should be rewarded by beating out the boats:boat guys :-) Thanks for the great mod, Termos!