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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds some wild animals that interact with each other, and are fairly neutral to players, unless provoked.

This is a demo of Mobkit entity API, currently at an early stage of development, and requires it to run Get the latest version of the api at


No dependencies: It should work with any game, although it's best if it fits thematically, i.e. there's some sort of natural environment.

Very lightweight: no ABMs, self-adjusting spawns, and mobs don't get to 'think' every single engine step. Theoreticly it should run well on servers, although I haven't had an opportunity to test it online.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • make the mobs spawnable

    Recommendations: 1. add spawn eggs for the animals. 2. add loot on the animals death (e.g meat, leather, etc.) 3. Add more animals

  • Nice demo of mobkit's functionality

    This is a light mod that proves some pathfinding and lag advantages of mobkit - the code itself is very well optimized. However, this is just a demo- there's no spawning or player-mob functionality (other than attacking the player) like taming, etc. It adds two mobs: A wolf and a gazelle which interact with each other, pretty cool to see the predator-prey chases :)

  • Nice world

    Loved your mod but could you make your animals spawnable

  • Interesting mod

    Many animals. I hope the mod is not abandoned