Regional Weather

A weather pack for Climate API by TestificateMods

Not every biome is the same and neither should their weather be. Regional Weather controls its effects with the local climate in mind. Experience the humid air of the rain forest and harsh desert sandstorms.


Regional Weather depends on Climate API in order to function. Generally speaking, most mods should be compatible to it.

If you notice odd movement speeds or jump heights of players, you should check for mods that also modify player physics. Use a compatibility mod like player_monoids or playerphysics to get rid of this problem. This requires the conflicting mod to also support the chosen compatibility layer.

Mods that modify the sky (including skybox, moon, sun, stars and clouds) are sadly not fully compatible because they conflict with Climate API's sky system. You should deactivate the sky features in either mod. You can do this in Climate API's settings using the Override the skybox option. If you're a mod maker then you can also optionally depend on climate_api and use climate_api.skybox.add_layer(playername, layer_name, options) to register your skybox change in a compatible way. Note that you need at least Minetest v5.2.0 for skybox changes to have any effect.

Conflicting skybox changes include the weather mod included in vanilla Minetest Game. You will want to disable that mod in order to use the more advanced cloud system introduced by Climate API. Head to Settings → All Settings → Games → Minetest Game and set Enable weather to Disabled. This setting will only exist if you are using Minetest Game v5.2.0 or higher.

If you experience performance issues, the Performance section of Climate API's configuration section is a great place to start looking for a solution.

The following mods are recommended to be installed alongside Regional Weather: - Climate API (required): The necessary weather engine that this mod is built upon - Moon Phases: Complements weather effects with dynamic sky changes and a full moon cycle - Sailing Kit (Fork): Uses Climate API's new wind system to sail across the sea. - Lightning: Adds to heavy rain by enabling additional lightning effects - Farming (as part of MTG) or Farming Redo: Add farmland and crops to grow food. Farmland wil turn wet during rain effects. - Fire (as part of MTG): Adds fires that can be caused by lightning strikes and other effects and will be extinguished during rain effects. - Pedology Adds a lot of nodes with dynamic wetness and dryness states. - Ambience: Plays some nice ambient sound effects based on where you are.

For easier installation, you can get a lot of these mods as part of my Climate Modpack.

Configuration Options

You can find all mod configuration options in your Minetest launcher. Go to Settings → All Settings → Mods → regional_weather to change them. Also check out the options inside the climate_api section for additional configuration options, including performance tweaks and feature switches.


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Unless otherwise stated, this source code is written entirely by myself. You are free to use it under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. You can find respective rights and conditions in the attached LICENSE file. The entire source code is available on Github.


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