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Scythes & Sickles

Adds scythes and sickles with unique applications for farming

Scythes allow you to quickly sweep through your fields. They can only break fully grown crops and harvest multiple plants at once. They also replant harvested crops automatically. Alternatively, they can be used as an effective weapon with higher range. Sickles allow you to scrape grass and moss from overgrown nodes. The resulting moss can then be used as dye of fertilizer. They also let you to cut wheat and other grains more precisely, allowing you to harvest some crops without completely resetting them.


  • only break fully grown crops
  • harvest all grown neighboring crops as well
  • automatically replant harvested crops
  • can be used as a weapon with slightly more range


  • are an effective cutting tool
  • can harvest grass and moss from overgrown nodes
  • reset wheat and other grains by a few stages upon harvest instead of destroying them
  • have a slightly shorter range


  • can be found in four different colors
  • can be used as fuel in a furnace
  • can be crafted into dye
  • can be cooked into fertilizer (requires bonemeal mod)
  • can be turned into blocks
  • can be placed on the side of any node
  • can be eaten for a minimal health gain

Moss Blocks

  • are an effective fuel in a furnace
  • can be used as a building block
  • can be crafted into slabs and stairs
  • can be dyed in any of it's four natural colors

License Information

The entire source code is written by me and licensed under GNU LGPL v3. You can find the complete license information in the supplied license file. Textures for tools and moss items are made by Cap for this mod and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. Textures for placed moss node and flower petals are by Vanessa Ezekowitz under CC BY-SA 4.0 for her plantlife modpack. The sound effect for placing or breaking moss blocks is made by DrMinky under CC BY 3.0 and can be found on FreeSound.



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