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This adds around 53 new ores. Most of them are metals and cristals. not recommended with other ore mods. Mining wont ever be so boring again! For those who love collecting like for example music discs in Minecraft



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  • Takes a bunch of namespaces only to add generic copy-pasted ores.

    This mod takes the namespaces for many super generic metals and elements, and doesn't add anything notable.

    Minetest game already has a ton of useless ores, we don't need any more.

    It is like a worse version of the "stuff" mods (which at least try to be original).

    This mod is still salvagable though, here is what I recommend:

    1. Combine them all into one namespace
    2. Add unique aspects to every ore.
    3. Give the player a reason to seek out the new ores, and make them rarer so that they aren't all over the place.
  • The ores are mostly useless

    This mod adds a bunch of ores that have no unique uses, and the textures are inconsistent. While this may make caves more interesting, after a while nobody will care because the ores themselves don't serve any purpose!

    I would recommend that the mod add more interesting uses for each of it's ores, that are unique not only to each ore, but differing from other ore-adding mods... there are a lot of them now which add very little new gameplay or incentive to gather the ores provided.

    However, this mod is pretty good for testing Calinou's Law :-)

  • Good template for a technology mod

    If someone would write a mod which needs all of these ores, it would be okay. But for now, this mod has no clear usage and the items fill your inventory very quickly. Too, there are (due to, probably, copy-pasting of the code) some mistakes, for example, the beryllium ore is named " Ore", or in front of all items, ores and blocks is "-- Lapis ...". Here I wrote a short and simplyfied version of the mod "toomanymetals":

    materials = {"alu","beryllium","bismuth","boron"}
    for i = 1, #materials do
        material = materials[i]
        minetest.register_node("tmm:"..material.."_ore", {
            description = (material.." Ore"),
            tiles = {"default_stone.png^"..material.."_mineral_"..material..".png"},
            drop = { --the drops code },
            sounds = default.node_sound_stone_defaults(),
        minetest.register_craftitem("tmm:"..material, {
            description = (material),
            inventory_image = material..".png",
        -- and so on

    With this variant, you would use, round about, 100-200 lines of code instead of 3159. Or, you make it as a function, where you just need "tmm.register_metal("titan","Titanium")" to make a new ore.

    So, as summary, this mod could have a future as an useful mixture of minerals and metals, if they would have a use else than filling chests. If that happens, I can change my mind and this comment into a thread.

  • nice troll

    But not a real useful mod

  • API?

    Too Many Ores works as a sort of base for editing ores, useful to someone that needs to edit tools and items because they already have the materials to alter them. I do disagree with finding ores basically everywhere.