Too Many Aliases

Adds aliases to every item/node in MineClone to make them match MineCraft so you can stop forgetting that mcl_mobitems:ender_pearl should be mcl_throwing:ender_pearl.

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Too Many Aliases

This mod "fixes" MineClone's inconsistent itemstrings. Instead of typing /giveme mesecons_torch:redstoneblock, you can just type /giveme mineclone:redstone_block. Registers aliases for all MineClone items (as of MineClone 2 0.83.0). All aliases follow MineCraft Java edition's item ID's. The aliases can have a custom prefix or none at all. The default prefix is "" (an empty string). If the prefix (found in the Minetest settings) is set to nothing, no prefix is required (you could just type /giveme redstone_block).

The mineclone: prefix is always available, regardless of the setting. This is so mods can depend on this one.



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