Mineclone Build Spawner

Gives build spawner for spawing builds in mineclone 2 and 5

Work in Progress Building Building Mechanics and Tools Creative Decorative

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

This mod allows players to spawn buildings in mineclone 2 and 5

it is a pretty simple mod to use by players, just right click on any surface with build spawner to spawn builds.

For now in this mod the following builds are planned to be added-

  • School

  • Hotel

  • House

  • Mini Shops

  • Bank

  • Bakery

  • police station

  • Church

  • Prison

  • Mall

  • Hospital

  • Restruant

  • Tower



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Incomplete port of the Minetest Game version

    The mod includes, at the time of writing, 7 builds for spawning. Some of those that are mentioned in the ContentDB description, such as the Mall, are actually only referred to because the description seems to be a copy-and-paste job from the author's earlier mod "The Build Spawner" for Minetest Game. Go and read my review for a detailed explanation of why this mod and its original cousin are not much more helpful than just having the schematics in your world directory, and what a good mod would have.

    I appreciate that the author wanted to provide support for more than one game. Care was taken to select the right equivalent nodes for Mineclone2, which is not always a straight 1:1 mapping. However, care should have been taken to port over all of the schematics from the original and keep the collection up to date - adding any new schematics for one to the other. The schematics for this game do look better, though that's in part because the base texture pack of Mineclone2 is a bit nicer than Minetest Game.

    What I would like to see from the author in terms of functionality from the original mod - previews, rotation and so on - I mentioned in the earlier review. What I would like to see additionally now that multi-game support is considered, is a library mod from the author and an API. It would be relatively easy to make a core library that registers schematics, and has the functions for placement previews, player-made schematic saving, and so on. Then each pack mod would be as easy to add, with fewer lines of code, just a name, icon name, placement offset and so on.

    I could definitely recommend the mod(s)/pack if at least some of these issues with useability and completeness were addressed. Making builds, placing them into a collection, sharing your builds, placing your builds again later should all be straightforward, and people will have all of that if the Build Spawner mods are improved.