MineClone2 Random Falling TNT or Node Spawning

Configurable, highly destructive mod for MineClone2 that randomly spawns lit TNT, or whatever node you want, in the air.

Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival

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How do I install this?

This mod uses ABMs to spawn lit TNT or whatever node you want in the air. My intent was to make it highly configurable and easily modifiable. Try playing around in the mod file's init.lua or settingtypes.txt.

This mod can be used as a fun survival challenge, used to create chaos, or used for creative builiding.
* Avoid TNT falling from the sky
* Spawn glowstone in the air to light up the night
* Slowly fill the air with bedrock
* Survive in a world of extreme climate change by spawning fire in the air
* Fill the skies with lava
* And whatever else you can think of

This mod is a modified version of NO11's "Mineclone2 Falling Anvils" mod, licensed under GPL-3.0-only. I have modified the code from NO11's mod to make this mod. Original mod link: https://content.minetest.net/packages/NO11/mcl_falling_anvils/

* This is a very destructive mod, so obviously dont use it on any worlds you care about.
* This mod has only been tested in singleplayer MineTest 5.8. I have no idea if this will work in multiplayer or any other MineTest version.
* This will only work with MineClone2. It will not work with MineTest Game.

If you find any bugs, know of any improvements I could make, or anything else, please dont hesitate to leave a review or even email me at: fng2217@gmail.com



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