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Simple Arcs

This mod adds arc-nodes to Minetest as well as arcs for inner and outer corners. Note this is a fork of PEAK's mod Simple Arcs (pkarcs) which adds arched doors made to work specifically with the mod.


  • default (included in minetest_game)
  • doors (included in minetest_game)
  • xpanes (included in minetest_game)
  • mesecons (optional dependency!)


Works with MT/MTG 5.0.0+.



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  • Makes builders happy

    The arcs are great blocks that allow to build impressive structures.

    In combination with the doors they're even more decorative.

    Only downside is that the doors - due to their form - technicly couldn't open in some ways. Luckily they work regardless of such annoying things as RL physics.


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