Advtrains Platforms

Provides additional platforms for advtrains, large mod support. Originally written by Och_Noe, small contributions by Blockhead and W3RQ01 is taking it a step further by adding more stuff.

Creative Decorative Transport

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A mod that provides different types of platforms made out of various materials. This mod was originally made by Och_Noe, improved by Montandalar/Blockhead and now W3RQ01 is improving it quite substantially. All the platforms have a crafting recipe, If you are in survival, you have to use a picaxe to break the platforms because: an acacia wood platform has only the textures of the acacia planks, for the rest (the shape and the sound) is of the default stonebrick platform that you can find in the Advtrains Mod.


1) download the zip 2) unzip 3) rename the folder in: advtrains_platform 4) put the folder inside the mods folder of minetest


1.0: Starting point (2021/03/30)*

1.1: Marble update (added marble platforms) (2021/04/05)*

1.2: Baked Clay update (added baked clay platforms, added more moreblocks platforms, added granite platform and fixed bugs) (2021/04/09)*

1.2.2: White Clay update (added white baked clay platform) (2021/04/30)*

1.3: Blue Marble update (added blue marble platforms) (2021/05/30)*

2.0: Level Crossings update (added some new level crossings) (2022/03/22)*

2.1: Land down under update (2022/07/30)

2.1.1: Bwoken mod release (2023/01/01)

*the content is not aviable anymore due to deletion of the repository



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