Automatic long-distance walking via assisted auto-forward

Transport Player Effects / Power Ups


How do I install this?

This mod was originally designed to provide an automated long-distance transportation system for games that do not allow teleportation or other overpowered methods of transportation.

As of MT 5.0, this mod was able to provide automatic navigation capabilities for the new "auto-forward" feature. Since MT 5.1+ though, the ability to differentiate between auto-forward and manual movement was lost, so these navigation features tend to trigger when manually walking forward, which can be annoying due to the way it may fight with the user over trying to lock the look dir.

When using auto-forward and pointed close enough to one of the four cardinal directions, players will "snap" to traveling exactly along that cardinal axis. Auto-jump/stairs allow navigation along the vertical axis.

When a tunnel turn is detected (a 90 degree angle in the path surrounded by walls) the player will automatically turn and continue along the new direction, providing a means of traveling more complex routes. This means that roadways and junctions can be planned so that players can enable auto-forward and then leave the game unattended to arrive at a destination after having legitimately walked the intervening distance.

No dependencies. Should work with most games.

Only works well with desktop game clients, as mobile clients currently may lack the auto-forward feature.



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