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This mod adds a lot of new "cheat" chat commands for ColourHop, which may especially be useful for development/testing/debugging or creating demo/trailer videos.

  • For convenience, you can also bind an arbitrary command to the Sneak+Aux1 hotkey for each color. This is useful for things like the place/zap node commands, or firing weapons, which you are likely to want to do repeatedly without opening the chat interface each time.
  • Each command has an individual privilege so you can grant access per-player. There is also an "all" privilege for convenience.
  • Each command can be run targeting another player, in which case it will affect that player as if they were the one to run the command (though using your privilege for the check). This allows you to e.g. administer which colors a player has access to, to allow them to join a late-game party without having to make everyone wait while they beat the early bosses.

Added commands include:

  • /bind to bind a command to the hotkey for your currently-selected color.
  • /colors (or /colours) to set which colors you have access to.
  • /pn to place a new node as if you had just hopped red (but without having to stand on red or do the rigamarole of using a "crane").
  • /zap to destroy the node you are pointing at (works on walls too).
  • /lo, /hi, /ap and /ion to fire various surface-to-air weapons.
  • /summon to summon a dragon as if an altar existed where your feet are.
  • /unbuild to convert an "activated" or "spent" building back into its original nodes, so it can be triggered again.
  • /fov to grant a player the ability to zoom in.
  • /lag to introduce artificial lag to the server step, useful for testing robustness of mechanics under non-ideal server loading effects.

See the in-game /help for a full list of commands.



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