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Adorable cats for NodeCore!

They come in 7 different colors and have almost a hundred unique names. They meow when you pick them up, purr when you pet them, (sometimes cough up hairballs) but for the most part, they sit still and contentedly watch you work, occasionally reminding you of their presence. These perfectly cubic indestructible cats will fit nicely into any build, even serving as load-bearing structural members, though beware that future updates may bring different, and possibly less desirable, behaviors.

If you want cats in your world, this mod will add the necessary materials to mapgen, but you will need to find them and figure out how to make the actual cats yourself. There is also a fallback recipe for skyblocks.

N.B. Not all mechanics are final. Future versions should retain compatibility, but all items, behaiors, and mapgen parameters may be subject to change, including changes that may not match already-generated map areas.



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