Dais Ex Machina

An other-worldly platform to preserve some of your stuff across map resets for NodeCore

Building Inventory Transport Maintenance (Server/World) Machines and Electronics

This mod is only for the NodeCore game. Ports to other game(s) are welcome.

This mod was created primarily for the use-case of the official unofficial NodeCore multiplayer server. Due to ongoing development on map generation and ore distribution, we sometimes reset the world. However, players don't always want to start from scratch every time. This mod provides a not-totally-gameplay-breaking method for players to preserve some of their property across resets.

For Players:

The default platform size (configurable) is 9x9 at the base, 5 high.

For Server Operators:

† Moving or otherwise modifying the platform via worldedit or similar mods may be possible, but voids its warranty.

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