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This is an updated and revised version of the original NodeCore Nature mod, with significant fixes, enhancements, and incorporating some new content from the base game.

Based on the original NodeCore Nature by Winter94

This mod is intended as a drop-in replacement for the original Nature mod for existing worlds. This mod may make lasting changes to your world as mapblocks are loaded or new content is accessed. Make sure you back up your world before upgrading.


All features from WintersKnight's original NodeCore Nature mod, plus...

  • Actively maintained
  • High-Priority Fixes
    • Reed/rush, lilypads spreading in mid-air
    • Reed/rush shape consistency
    • Bamboo lighting/shadows
  • Some features migrated to vanilla NodeCore
    • Replacements
      • Tall Grass -> Sedges
      • Flowers (N.B. some colors were changed to maintain balance)
      • Reeds -> Rushes (added dormant state)
      • Thatch
    • Recipe to grind vanilla dry flora into plant fibers
    • Preserve mod flora consistent with vanilla mechanics
  • Moss Complete Overhaul
    • Moss now dies if suffocated, no more hidden spreaders
    • Moss wasting disease to clear large areas
    • More mossable nodes, extensible API
  • Dungeons improved
    • Merge with vanilla complex dungeons with bricks/concrete/loot
  • Plant fibers more distinguishable from vanilla rushes



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