Piranesi Restoration Project

Discover the secrets of the space-bending house, in this polished remake of iarbat's award-winning original game.

Jam / Game 2022 One-of-a-kind / Original Puzzle Singleplayer-focused

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Explore the space-bending house and learn its secrets.

A challenging, Myst-like adventure/puzzle game set in a unique and mysterious mansion. Read the clues, find key items, solve puzzles, unlock new areas, learn the story of the labyrinth, and ultimately find your escape.

This is a polished and well-maintained recreation and continuation of the 2022 Game Jam silver medalist game, Piranesi by iarbat. Created using Minetest Definition Ripper, and new original code.


  • Complete game end to end, without the major bugs that plagued the original.
  • Clean and simplified UI, dynamically expanding hotbar inventory, on-screen compass.
  • Improved visual and sound effects, music.
  • Improve accessibility, HUD tips for colorblind or low vision players.


Deutsch(99%) — Español(99%) — Français(81%) — Indonesia(0%) — Norwegian Bokmål(26%) — Slovenčina(20%) — Русский(99%) — українська(99%)

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  • Good remake

    Apart from a few minor bugs and UX complaints I had, I think this game is already in a healthy state and the promise of it being fully playable to the end is true. All the major bugs of Piranesi appear to be fixed.

    The game stays mostly faithful to the original, especially, although some UX changes/improvements were made. The game allows you to pick up clues (paper, book) but it restricts where you can place items now. Which is fine, I guess? The compass now works smoothly and is part of the HUD, although the arrows are not labelled (where is North?). Additionally, background music plays from time to time and several sound effects were added. This game clearly has seen major polishing, which is exactly what Piranesi neede.

    Although it seems the project is not finished yet and still has many minor bugs, it's in a OK state already IMHO.

    As for the gameplay, the puzzles are as difficult as in the original. My opinion on them is the same as for Piranesi (see the review there).

    Unlike the original, this game still relies on color for some on its puzzles but it will now display the color of some blocks if you point to it for a few seconds. However, this still isn't perfect as some colored nodes in some rooms are too far away to be pointable. So for colorblind people this game is still not fully accessible. Hopefully this will get fixed later.

    Overall, I give a recommedation, except when you're colorblind.

  • Help me!

    I'm writing this from my phone before mobile data runs out so sorry if i'm a bit brief. To start off with, i got lost on my server and entered the front yard of this manor after trying to retrace my footsteps.

    I walked into the house wondering around the rooms, but i went so far that i got severely lost, which was entirely my fault and i'm not going to blame the game for my own mistakes (but on one occasion i did walk back but there was a different room. Probably a figment of my hungry brain).

    I keep finding weird things and notes all over. It seems like someone is just as lost as me. I'm yet to meet them, though.

    I'm sure that if i follow the big red arrow, i might just get back to my server. The house seems to be very very big though, so it's probably best for me to camp out.

    Edit i found mobile data again! Ok, so it certainly seems like the house funnels you into certain rooms when you do special movements. It's not a normal house. Looking around, it reminds me of nodecore. The house wants me to discover its secrets. That's the only reason i'm here.

    I'm hungry. I need to continue discovering, maybe i'll find food.

  • Sets the standard for future Minetest puzzle games

    This game and its setting is beautiful. iarbat did an amazing job with the design and I am glad this polished remake exists so I could experience it.

    I liked the puzzles. I think most of them are fair, and all should be solvable as long as you know that all rooms have a purpose.

    The end screen also shows the completion percentage and time which I think was a nice touch. This made me want to do a speedrun of it. The best time I could get was 07:02.457. I am not an experienced speedrunner but I think that will be hard to beat.

    Overall, this is a very polished game and well deserving of its status as a featured package!

  • Piranesi sent me down a rabbit hole.

    I thought Piranesi was a popular video game so I went on YouTube searching for gameplay, but came up empty. This is because the inspiration for this video game came from a Minetest Game Jam video game. But in my searching I discovered that Piranesi is a fantasy book written by Susanna Clarke which definitely sounds like it's worth a read. Piranesi is also an italian artist who seems to be a combination of MC Escher and Edgar Allen Poe. Oh and the game is worth a try as well, but I haven't made much progress in it. This game, the book, and the artist are all related in some way. I'll leave it to you to figure out how.

  • (No spoilers) Absolutely insane

    (I have not tried the original, but from I what I have read this a complete and working remake?)

    I'm completely stuck and have been for a couple of hours, but I don't care, I'm still enjoying it. Some of the clues are obvious, others don't seem sensible (wth does "lastly and centrally" mean? Especially in a room with an even count of dimensions!) and I am yet to make sense of the stars.

    I refuse to look at the sourcecode for this one. I'll update this review if I ever get further. If you don't hear from me then I may have awoken in Piranesi instead of real life.

    It's interesting that the tree maze is a pain to get inside of. I suspect perhaps this was done to prevent player's using it as a place to dump all their items (given how easy and quick it is to get to). All the other places are harder or more unpredictable to get to; but in turn are easy to use as item storage.

    (EDIT: Now fixed, thankyou Warr) Walking SFX is very loud and dominating, especially after taking thousands of steps. Making that a bit quieter (so I can better enjoy the other SFX when they appear) would be appreciated

    EDIT: Game complete. I'm enjoying the final music now :)

    I have a list of unused items and places of interest, which could mean I managed to accidentally skip some parts of the game or. End game says 100%, so I presume I have not missed any secrets. Maybe. Possibly.

    Thankyou for much Warr1024 and Iarbat. With exception to one frustrating puzzle blocker I found this thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely recommend to others.



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