NodeCore Adamant: Revised

Adds Adamant, a new metal ore, deep underground/

Tools / Weapons / Armor

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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NodeCore Adamant: Revised

A mod for NodeCore that adds Adamant, a new metal.

-----------------NodeCore Adamant----------------- ----------------A Mod For NodeCore----------------

----------------By WintersKnight94----------------


The Mythical Metal of Legend! Difficult to aquire, tedious to work, and worth every torch, broken bone and lost mattock it took to get it.

A Must-Have for Anyone Who Wishes to Live Deep Within the Earth!


---------RAW ADAMANT! PRAISE THE MINERS!----------

         #      #     
         #      #     
         # #  # #     
         x      x     
         xx ## xx     

---------RAW ADAMANT! PRAISE THE MINERS!----------



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  • Doesn't appear possible to actually smelt

    I went through all of the time and effort to gather enough shiny rocks to make a block of adamant cobble, only to find that smelting it is apparently impossible. Looking at the code, it looks like it is supposed to be heated using lava, only I've tried surrounding it with both flowing and source lava, to no effect. Unless there's something I'm missing, there isn't any legitimate way to obtain refined adamant in the current version of the mod.


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