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Adds new light sources to NodeCore Far superior to the old "nc_light" in the following ways: - Coal Lantern - New Model With A More 'Nodecorian' Vibe - No More Broken Textures (Hopefully) - Can Be Emptied Without Being Broken Apart - Fuel Maximum Has Been Buffed - Recipe Cost Has Been Buffed - Occasionally Drops Ashes While Lit - Luxlamp - New Recipe - New Model - Rebalanced Functionality - Properly Charges (Hopefully) - Rushlight - Cheap Light Source - Doesn't Require Charcoal - Lasts Approximately 25% As Long As A Torch - Egg Burner - Incense Bowls! - Uses Eggcorns For Fuel - Dim Light, Long Duration - Goes Out Faster When Carried




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  • Must-have for a "darkcore" world.

    When I first saw this mod, I was uncertain about its value, since generally NodeCore encourages players to be methodical about lighting, and the light sources in this mod fill a very narrow niche once the player has unlocked Optics.

    However, playing on Kimapr's "darkest NodeCore" server running Nodeternal Darkness, this mod is an extremely valuable addition to that world, and balances excellently with the darkness. Players tend to build their settlements at some distance apart, and avoid building networks of lighted areas to connect to each other, to defend against griefers and thieves. Portable light sources, relatively unimportant in Vanilla NodeCore, are the principal way for players to travel between settlements and avoid getting lost or falling in pits. Torches are a suitable emergency light source for getting started at the very beginning of the game, but the longer-lasting light sources make pre-optic living more tolerable, and the powerful Luxlamp is a reliable workhorse for long-distance travel and exploration.

    On Vanilla, as well, while these tools don't play as vital of a role or take center stage in gameplay, they also do not really significantly unbalance the game, and can make things like finding lost tools dropped into a dark cave a little less painful, for players not looking for such unforgiving consequences for carelessness.

  • Should be part of vanilla NodeCore

    I have no idea how we are intended to explore caves in NC without a long-term light source. Thank god for coal lanterns. That said, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to make a luxlamp. I don't even see a recipe in the code...Is it even craftable? *EDIT* It was literally the last thing in the file, now I feel kinda dumb.