Hades Revisited

You have stranded on the planet Hades. Use your limited supplies to survive and use terraforming to create a beautiful habitable place. (EARLY TEST VERSION)

Work in Progress Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Player Effects / Power Ups Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival

THIS IS AN EARLY TEST VERSION. This game might change drastically in the future.

Due to a gross miscalculation of the gravitational pull of Planet Hades, the latest terraforming attempt of your space crew went horribly wrong! You managed to survive, but it seems you are stranded on this hellhole of a planet full of lava, stone and ash for good!

You still have a pickaxe and a few apples. Also, water is hidden inside the tall and chaotic stone spires. So your only chance of survival is to search for water, use your crafting skills to form some soil and plant apple trees. More plants might follow. The underground holds great riches, but also great dangers, lava is death. With your new acquired resources, maybe, just maybe, you will turn Planet Hades into a nice, habitable place.

But beware: Many were not so lucky: Mutants will haunt on the surface and who knows what dangers might hide in the deep underground?

There's no goal in this game. There's a strong focus on creativity, terraforming and digging. This game is very different from other games, it's not for everyone. ;-)



Do you recommend this game?

  • very unstable

    This package appears to still be in devolpement, yet has breaking changes a lot of the time, hence why the negative review. that said, it is a very interesting game, and devolpement looks promising, but i can not recommend it to others due to stability

  • Original gameplay

    I had a great time discovering Hades Revisited, even if it is only in early stages. The movements are both complex with a lot of lava and rough terrain but still not unbearable with the low gravity. Terraforming is long but satisfying and that precious water won't flow everywhere as you would like that soon.

    The game is rather easy to grasp with it's craft guide and lot of tooltips, which will take you by the hand for the basic terraforming and let you go on an (underground) adventure to get the components for the new toy you have seen in the guide once you have established your campement on the surface.

    A little plus I like: torches are not mandatory everywhere to keep the monsters at bay

  • Nice concept and gameplay

    It's refreshing to try out this mod and the concept is really interesting. Great work and looking forward to future updates!

  • Very fun, addictive.

    Who provides the optional packages flowers, tnt and farming?
    As I understand it is provided by another game, but is that possible?

  • Fun, unique game

    I eagerly await future updates