Mesecons Windows

Adds 3 glass blocks which change their transparency when supplied with Mesecons power.

Machines / Electronics

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds 3 glass blocks for the Mesecons modpack. They change their transparency when powered with Mesecon energy.

They conduct energy to their 6 direct neighbors.

Block transparency

There are three transparency states: Full, partial and opaque. Full transparency means the block is transparent to light and sunlight. Partial transparency means the block lets light through but not sunlight, so if sunlight goes through, the brightness will reduce below the window block. Opaque means the block doesn't let any light through.

Each block can either be on (powered by mesecon energy) or off (not powered). The blocks change their transparency status according to the on/off state:

  • Mesecon Window
    • On: Full transparency
    • Off: Opaque
  • Mesecon Filter Glass
    • On: Full transparency
    • Off: Partial transparency
  • Mesecon Filter Window
    • On: Partial transparency
    • Off: Opaque



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