A collection of tools to help you orient yourselves in the world, such as compass, altimeter, etc.

Tools / Weapons / Armor

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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

Orienteering tools are enabled as soon they are anywhere in your hotbar and they enhance your HUD. Available tools:

  • Altimeter: Shows height (Y)
  • Triangulator: Shows X and Z coordinates
  • Compass: Shows yaw (horizontal angle)
  • Sextant: Shows pitch (vertical angle)
  • Watch: Shows the time (hours and minutes).
  • Speedometer: Shows speed in m/s (1 m = side length of a single cube)
  • Map: Enables the usage of the minimap (surface mode)
  • Radar Mapper: Enables the usage of the minimap (surface mode and radar mode)
  • GPS device: Shows X, Y, Z coordinates, yaw and time
  • Quadcorder: Ultimate tool: Shows X, Y, Z coordinates, pitch, yaw, time, speed and enables minimap/radar



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