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Pep: Player Effects Potions

Version 1.4.0


This little mod adds some simple potions which add temporary effects when consumed. Currently, the potions affect breath, health, player gravity, running speed and jump height.

  • License of everything: MIT License

List of potions and crafting recipes

All crafting recipes are shapeless.


Air potion

Gives you breath underwater for 30s. Craft: 1 cyan coral, 1 green coral, 1 pink coral, 1 glass bottle.

All 8 papyri must occupy one slot.


Non-gravity potion

Negates all gravity for you, for 20s. Craft: 1 mese crystal, 1 glass bottle

Gravity neutralizer

Clears all your gravity effects. Craft: 1 non-gravity potion, 1 iron lump

Jump height

High jumping potion

Lets you jump higher for 30s. Craft: 1 orange tulip, 1 grass, 2 mese crystal fragments, 1 glass bottle

Low jumping potion

Makes you jump lower for 30s. Craft: 1 leaves block, 1 jungle leaves block, 1 iron lump, 1 yellow dandelion, 1 glass bottle

Jump neutralier

Clears all jump effects. Craft: 1 high jumping potion, 1 low jumping potion.


Weak healing potion

Gives you 1 HP every 2 seconds, 10 times. Craft: 1 cactus, 1 flour, 1 brown mushroom, 1 glass bottle.

Strong healing potion

Gives you 2 HP every second, 10 times. Craft: 1 gold lump, 1 flour, 1 weak healing potion.

Walking speed

Running potion

Makes you run faster for 30s. Craft: 1 pine sapling, 1 cactus, 1 yellow dandelion, 1 jungle grass, 1 glass bottle.

Slug potion

Makes you walk slower for 30s. Craft: 1 dry grass, 1 ice, 1 glass bottle.

Speed neutralizer

Clears all running speed effects. Craft: 1 running potion, 1 slug potion.

Mana (needs Mana mod)

Weak mana potion

Increases mana regeneration rate by 0.5 for 10 seconds. Craft: 2 dry shrubs, 1 cotton seed, 1 mese crystal fragment, 1 glass bottle.

Strong mana potion

Increases mana regeneration rate by 1 for 10 seconds. Craft: 4 dry shrubs, 1 jungle sapling, 1 marram grass, 1 mese crystal fragment, 1 weak mana potion.

Other potions

Mole potion

Digs out two blocks directly in front of you, for 18 seconds. Craft: 1 steel pickaxe, 1 steel shovel, 1 glass bottle.



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