Perlin Explorer

Developer tool to create previews of Perlin noises

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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Perlin Explorer

Perlin Explorer is a mod for Minetest to allow to test and experiment around with Perlin noises.

This is especially useful for game and mod developers who want to fine-tune the noises in an efficient manner. It’s also useful to discover useful noise parameters for the various mapgen settings in Minetest.

This mod uses Minetest’s builtin Perlin noise, so the same rules apply here. Refer to Minetest’s documentation to learn about noise parameters.

This mod is quite complex as it is aimed for developers primarily. Read the text file to learn how to use this mod.


  • Powerful noise parameter editor to quickly adjust parameters
  • Look up Perlin noise value at a given position
  • Special nodes to represent noise values
    • Color denotes value, cutoff points can be customized
    • Choose between solid nodes, transparent grid nodes, and tiny climbable cube nodes
  • Generate a small portion of the noise as map at a given area
  • Enable “mapgen mode” to automatically generate nodes as you move around
  • Load predefined Perlin noises from the Minetest configuration
  • Save noise parameters into profiles for later use
  • Mathematical and statistical analysis of noises


This mod can aggressively grief your world due to its mapgen feature! Don’t use it in worlds with buildings you care about.

NEVER use this mod on a public server, it has not been security-tested.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Yeah good

    I am not good at perlin. Hence this mod could have been bad for me. But it is not. I would say it is cool. If you try it at y 3000 it is a good place. I guess the perlin noise generator made beautiful terrain. I loved it and if continuation and loop process is followed(Not a feature to be added) a beautiful fractal the mandlebox can be created. Hence this is a cool mod