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For Minetest 5.5 and above

How do I install this?

In the Tutorial, you start in a nice and cozy castle which has lot of explanatory signs and stuff to play around with. It covers all of the basic rules common to all games for Minetest like basic movement, mining, building, items, etc. Collect gold bars for completing each lesson.

After completing this tutorial, you should be ready to play “real” games in Minetest. Have fun!

To install this game, go into the main menu content browser (Content tab -> Browse online content) and search for "Tutorial". It will be available as an icon under the Start Game tab.

Principles of this tutorial:

  • Be generic, teach stuff which applies to pretty much all games/mods/etc.
  • Don't teach things that are too specific for any particular game, like Minetest Game

Note: This tutorial is made for the PC version of Minetest.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Fun and Beautiful

    As far as the tutorial content is concerned, I got pretty much what I expected. I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt mini-game though. The castle was well-made and had lots of fun nooks and crannies to discover.

    Although the tutorial says it's not MTG-specific, it does focus mainly on MTG-likes, especially around the crafting and smelting systems. It is still a good starting point for things like general movement, liquid mechanics, digging/building common to the majority of major games for this platform, so still a good choice for players who haven't yet found a game they want to invest time in.

  • Great, but problem with the translation into italian

    Great Minetest Tutorial! I can only read the first sign in Italian, the others are in English. Do you know why?


  • Very helpful for beginners

    But must fix a command reference. In the tutorial it is said that the minimap view uses the "F9" key, but the correct one is the "V" key.

    You have fixed this, thank you!

    Can you enable the running mode (key "E") without fast? I can't run in this game... I have no patience to walk lol.

    I have found 8 diamonds, looking for the other 4. There's one you should use the apple snatcher!

    Cool dude, keep working on it!

  • This game has no place in ContentDB

    No, I did not click the "recommended" button by mistake, this tutorial is indeed fine.

    But... Are we really asking newbies to download a tutorial? Where is the tutorial for that?

    Makers, let's not forget that most players don't want to make their own game. They want a good game out-of-the-box and maybe just customize it or extend it after a while.

    Imagine for yourself, someone tells you that "you have Notepad and you can turn it into a half-decent IDE by installing two dozens of plugins; you can be up to speed in a week or so. If you have issues with plugins fighting each other, seek help on the forum"... Chances are that you'll say "No thanks, I'll use VSCode".

    "You have MTG and then you can make your own game by downloading mods, checkout out our huge ecosystem" obviously won't fly with most newcomers. It used to be Ok when users had to install mods and "subgames" manually, but not anymore (those people are modders now). To be fair, this is thanks to the efforts of the MT team and contributors. Don't let one old apple that turned bad spoil the barrel.

    This tutorial should be shipped instead of MTG. Add to it a couple of lines to tell the players what to do from there at the end (how to get an actual game), then we are good and done.

  • Good to Know That You've Covered the Basics.

    I'm on the diamond hunt, and I suspect one has gone missing from the map. I've given myself all permissions and I still can't find it after around a cumulative hour of no-clipping around for diamond #12. There is, however, an area that feels like it should have one, but doesn't. Has anyone else gotten a perfect score with the "egg hunt?"

  • I would do it again, I enjoyed it. Thank you

    I really enjoyed this Game: Tutorial World.

    It was stright forward direct, and rewarding to do. It is not very big, but it is the basics. Loved the Jumping blocks and anti-jump blocks like in portals. I hope to see that in other games. just need a slip and slide block that allows to flow, like honey in the Tree's and bee mod (mc had). but this is very hopeful. Thank you.

    Been playing for a month and it showed me a couple things I did not know. Thank you.

    I noticed in my other game play that that Shift option is not always there, maybe it is my os, but I wondered if it was a mod or part of coding in the tut game. Placeing items in and out of inventory and in bulk with the shift.

  • Fun Eventhough it is tutorial

    I just learned how to throw one item and put items on interactable items along with viscocity in this journey. It is quite good and interesting then most other minetest games making my kind of hooked.

  • a useful tutorial for beginners

    I've been playing minetest for 3 years, I forgot about the tutorial and started learning again. I went through everything and got 2 cups. I recommend it

  • It was good and challenging.

    It was good and challenging.

  • Helpful introduction for newcomers of the genre

    When I first discovered Minetest, I haven't played any game of that genre before and was like "What am I supposed to do?", putting random things in the craft-grid without effects and running in circles.

    The tutorial helped a lot to grab the basics and understant a bit more what can be done. Next is the craft guide to get the mandatory basic recipes.

  • Nice Tutorial...

    I speedruned. I played it few times. Good Mechanic and map. Can you add maybe pvp stage?

  • nice

    good for beginners,and also i learned things i didnt know :D

  • helpful for absolute minetest user

    This (sub-)game helps new user a lot and you can find secrets on the tutorial world!!!

  • Great way to learn minetest

    I've played minetest for about three years now, but I chanced on this tutorial recently and thought I'd try it out. It seems a great way for a beginner to learn. I have only one small complaint, and that is that the signs tend to get cut off on the right-hand side. Mostly not a problem, but there were a couple of places where I felt I was missing out on some info, so I thought I'd mention it.

  • ¿Tutorial de que cosa?

    ¿Este tutorial es de minetest? Pienso que no, minetest como podemos ver es mucho mas que el estilo supervivencia, hay cientos de juegos variantes que difieren de ese estilo.

    Esto es un tutorial de MTG, un juego de estilo supervivencia feo y poco pulido. MineClone es muchisimo mejor en este camino, esta mucho mas cuidado en detalles, es como el hermano mayor y estudiante de MTG.

    Por eso pienso que este tutorial estaria muy bien si tomara de base a MineClone2 y no a MTG



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