In the Tutorial, you start in a nice and cozy castle which has lot of explanatory signs and stuff to play around with. It covers all of the basic rules common to all games for Minetest like basic movement, mining, building, items, etc. Collect gold bars for completing each lesson. After completing this tutorial, you should be ready to play “real” games in Minetest. Have fun!

Principles of this tutorial:

  • Be generic, teach stuff which applies to pretty much all games/mods/etc.
  • Don't teach things that are too specific for any particular game, like Minetest Game

Note: This tutorial is made for the PC version of Minetest.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Great way to learn minetest

    I've played minetest for about three years now, but I chanced on this tutorial recently and thought I'd try it out. It seems a great way for a beginner to learn. I have only one small complaint, and that is that the signs tend to get cut off on the right-hand side. Mostly not a problem, but there were a couple of places where I felt I was missing out on some info, so I thought I'd mention it.


  • Nice and chill

    Perfect for beginners!


  • Helpful introduction for newcomers of the genre

    When I first discovered Minetest, I haven't played any game of that genre before and was like "What am I supposed to do?", putting random things in the craft-grid without effects and running in circles.

    The tutorial helped a lot to grab the basics and understant a bit more what can be done. Next is the craft guide to get the mandatory basic recipes.