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This mod uses mobkit and includes a number of simple looking box mobs with varying attacks. I created this to have a satisfying spread of mobs to fight against in survival. Graphics are probably placeholder for now, but mobs won't look too much more advanced than cubes. This will be part of a game I'm working on, but wanted to go ahead and release for feedback / other people to mess around with - let me know what you think!

Current Mobs:

  • Box: Standard jump attack
  • Small Box: Quicker, lower hp
  • Digging Box: When it hits the player, it digs 3x3 nodes one space beneath the player.
  • Shooter Box: Shoots projectiles at player from afar.
  • Fire Box: Spawns fire on the ground on a path to the player
  • Spike Box: Spawns spikes on the ground on a path to the player
  • Poison Box: Spawns poison gas when it hits Player. Spawns poison gas on death.

Todo List:

  • Create more hostile mobs, and give all mobs slightly better names
  • Neutral cube mobs that have some utility / interaction.
  • Improve spawning method, maybe ABM? Also add spawn restrictions per mob.
  • Update graphics / sounds
  • Handle cooldowns better for Mob abilities - they can do them again after getting punched currently.
  • Include more item drops (Default items, or creating a couple more)

Release History: * v0.2 - 12/17/20 (Poison Mob Box) * v0.1 - 5/24/20



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