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  • luabutton:luabutton - The button that executes code on rightclick
  • luabutton:luaplate - Plate that executes code when player is stepping on it
  • luabutton:luatrigger - Same as plate but invisible


  • Get the nodes using /giveme command.
  • All players can execute code of the button. (Privilege check meant to be implemented in custom code ;))
  • Players with server priv can combine rightclick and aux1 to open button's code editor.
  • To open code editor of LuaTrigger, hold luabutton:luatrigger in the hand, press aux1 and rightclick at the node above which the LuaTrigger is placed.

License of media (texture)

  • luabutton.png - by Zemtzov7. License - CC-BY-SA-4.0



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