Climbable Trapdoors

Makes the wood and steel trapdoors climbable


Download (98 KB)

How do I install this?

A really simple Minetest mod that makes the default wood and steel trapdoors climbable.

By default the mod only makes the "open" version climbable. To make both the open and closed trapdoors climbable, go to the init.lua file and change MAKE_CLOSED_DOORS_CLIMBABLE to true

The mod will also check if the xpanes Steel Bar Trapdoor is present, and if so will apply the same climbable state to it as well.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Simple but useful

    Sometimes I built ladders with trapdoors in between and it was always so disappointing that you couldn't climb over the opened trapdoor. Luckily, this problem is solved by this small mod. Therefore this is a nice improvement for gameplay.
    The option MAKE_CLOSED_DOORS_CLIMBABLE could be implemented more userfriendly as a setting in my opinion, but nevertheless a very useful mod!