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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Logistica is an item transport, distribution and storage mod.

The core principle behind this mod is that item transportation is demand-driven: no item is moved unless it is needed somewhere.

All storages can be used stand-alone, but by creating and connecting them to a Logistics Network, you can both take items from almost any other machine or chest, and easily distribute items on-demand, only where they are required.

This mod does not use entities to move items, and an effort has been made to cache many lookups to produce as little lag as possible.

Guide Book

An in-game Guide Book is now avaiable, crafted like so:

On crafting grid:
Silver Sand
Silver Sand

Note: Use regular Sand instead of Silver Sand if playing Mineclone2/Mineclonia

The equivalent online guide is available here:


There's a few major points that make this mod different:

  • Access all your Storage remotely via Wireless Access Pad
  • Portable liquid storage: Reservoirs - also acceessable wirelessly, and fillable via automatic Pumps.
  • Portable mass storage: Mass Storage nodes can be dug and carried around, keeping their content.
  • On-demand transportation lets you equally distribute items across multiple machines without complex splitting logic
  • Storage is part of the network, it can both accumulate items and supply them to any machines
  • No entities used for moving items, resulting in far less lag.
  • On-demand, recursive crafting: Using Crafting Suppliers can craft from your stored items only when you need it!

Supports Minetest Game, Mineclone2, Mineclonia, Asuna, and many others

This mod requires one of two sets of mods:

  • Either: default and bucket - usually included in any minetest_game based games
  • Or: mcl_core and mcl_buckets - included in Mineclone2 and Mineclonia

Support of MCL comes thanks to ThePython10110 on github.

Mod compatibility

This mod uses a generic system to take or put items from other nodes' inventories, even allowing the user to pick from target in most cases. Thus Logistica attempts to be universally compatible, and requires no special functions to be implemented in other mods for them to be compatible.

TechAge compatibility

To take items from most other mods' storage (e.g. Tech Age machines or chests), use a Network Importer machine, rather than trying to insert items into logistic supply chests.

If you find any specific machines or chests from Logistica can't take items, please raise an issue with the specific name of the chest or machine.

What's New?

1.1.0 : Added Wireless Transmitter and Wireless Receiver that allow extending a network wirelessly over unlimited sitance.

Full Changelog



Do you recommend this mod?

  • most interesting minetest mod i used so far

    i agree with most of the design decisions here, and the cobble generator is awesome. some textures are still "primitive" and theres room for improvement like the furnace and acess point.

    no bugs so far and i am using it a lot, this is much nicer than pipeworks but both still have distinct features.

  • nice item transport mod for mass storage

    sorry for asking but could you add techage compatibility

  • Best item transportation mod so far

    To become absolutely perfect it needs less sci-fi-ish look, so it can fit in more visual themes. Like idk, digtron looks

  • автоматизация разных рецептов в игре.

    этот мод позволяет автматизировать разные рецепты в игре. Например: автопереплавка в печи. Но чтобы этот мод был ещё лучше пожалуйста: 1. Добавьте, пожалуйста совместимость с модом techage/ 2. добавьте возможность автокрафта. чтобы автокрафтер, не крафтил рецепт на все предметы в сети, а чтобы можно было установить определённое количество крафтов.

  • Fast and effective!

    In my opinion this mod is much better than Pipeworks. It's faster, but it has more features. The on-demand item request system is brilliant, and makes automatic machines much easier to control. And as an added blessing, Logistica doesn't suffer from the documentation-was-an-afterthought disease that plagues many software projects; the wiki is useful and complete. And while the textures might not match the steam-punk vibe of a lot of the Minetest mods, it's well-drawn and consistent. I definitely recommend this mod!

    If there's one thing that I find slightly annoying, it's the narrow cables that require a bit of aiming to successfully hit.

  • This is the best storage mod

    The greatest storage mod so far but can it work with Tech Age autoamtion and Machines?

    Edit: there is an issue and I have no idea how to trigger it:

    AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'logistica' in callback node_on_timer(): /usr/share/minetest/builtin/common/vector.lua:380: attempt to index local 'v' (a nil value) stack traceback: /usr/share/minetest/builtin/common/vector.lua:380: in function </usr/share/minetest/builtin/common/vector.lua:379> [C]: in function 'get_node' ...x/.minetest/mods/logistica/logic/lava_furnace_fueler.lua:53: in function <...x/.minetest/mods/logistica/logic/lava_furnace_fueler.lua:48>

    Update: This issue has been fixed, Thanks ZenonSeth!