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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Message Bubbles

Message bubbles is a mod that uses the existing nametags above player heads to display chat messages sent by the player.

The mod limits how many characters are shown, and how many lines. The default is 1 line limited to 40 characters, but it can be configured to split the message into multiple lines with the character limit applying per-line. (see screenshot for example)

The settings can be configured in minetest.conf, as defined in the mod's settingtypes.txt :

message_bubbles_lifetime (Lifetime for message bubbles, in seconds) int 10 1 600
message_bubbles_char_limit (Max number of characters to display per line of message bubble) int 40 5 500
message_bubbles_max_num_lines (Max number of lines to display in a message bubble) int 1 1 10
message_bubbles_prefix (Prefix to show before user message bubble) string Says: 


This mod attempts to be compatible with other mods that modify the nametag by simply appending to existing nametag text, if it exists - however this is still WIP and needs testing. As of Release 0.5, the mod has been tested with the better_nametags mod, and now works with it.


  • 1.0: Released mod, updated screenshot
  • 0.5: Fixed compatibility issues with other nametag mods; fixed issue with special escape characters that caused message to stay forever
  • 0.4: Added multiline message bubble support



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