Inspired by the online game S4 League, Block League is a team hack'n'slash minigame where alertness and strategy are everything. Choose between Touchdown and Deathmatch mode, customise your weapons set, and jump into the action! (Wiki: soon™)

Try this minigame on our server: just look for A.E.S.

What's new: 0.4.0
  • Log in the right upper corner to see the latest actions in game (kills, suicides, ball, touchdowns)
  • Victory/defeat jingle
  • More energy drained per second
  • HUD: every time players reload, the corresponding weapon icon turns red
  • HUD: separate HUDs for ball status (got the ball etc) and for kills
  • HUD: added countdown for rounds (paired with the voice-over)
  • HUD/Visual: teams color and HUD positive messages color changed (red -> orange | sky blue -> green)
  • /testkit to easily test new maps
  • Spanish translation (Joaquin Villalba)
  • default score_cap 10 -> 5

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