For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Inspired by the online game S4 League, Block League is a team hack'n'slash minigame where alertness and strategy are everything. Choose between Touchdown and Deathmatch mode, customise your weapons set, and jump into the action!

Try this minigame on our server: just look for A.E.S.

What's new: 0.6.0


  • Spectate mode
  • Headshots (criticals)
  • Touchdown: if even, calculate which team has the most points
  • Info panel: points and TDs instead of kills and deaths in TD mode
  • Scoreboard: red -> orange
  • Better energy bar
  • Changed camera offset for third person (UNSTABLE)


  • Pixelgun: zoom by right-clicking
  • Pixelgun: basic damage 20 -> 18 (needs a headshot for oneshotting)
  • Bouncer: side dash by right-clicking
  • Bouncer: cannot be used while reloading or slowed down
  • SMG is now correctly weilded (@appgurueu)
  • 2H sword: dash and swing sound added
  • Deathmatch bouncer: energy cost 25 -> 50


  • Weapons: option to decrease damage with distance (like with SMG)
  • Testkit now uses in_game_physics

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