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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Inspired by the online game S4 League, Block League is a team hack'n'slash minigame where alertness and strategy are everything. Choose between Touchdown and Deathmatch mode, customise your weapons set, and jump into the action!

Try this minigame on our server: just look for A.E.S.

What's new: 0.9.0


  • Improved assisted aim accuracy (giov4)
  • Add assists for TDs
  • Add achievement for completing the tutorial
  • Decrease immunity time from 6 to 5 seconds
  • Apply dark patina onto players when immunity is on
  • Show players how much time there is left until immunity runs out
  • Don't print the suicide in the log if it happens after scoring
  • Bring spectators back onto the ball if they were spectating it and it was reset through rays
  • Tutorial: make the propulsor part and the sentries part easier
  • Profile: avoid scrollbar appearing in descriptions
  • Profile: add 'X' button to close the formspec


  • SMG: increase particles of right click action


  • Use audio_lib to manage audio
  • Update to arena_lib new standards
  • Use official MT script for translations
  • Use _naming_convention for ball custom variables

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Do you recommend this mod?

  • Lag is a big issue

    Sadly, playing this game is not that fun for me because lag is a huge issue. The thing is, guns will miss a lot even if the player was directly under your crosshair. I believe this is an issue with Minetest itself: It was never made to be a first-person shooter so doesn't take into account when quick responses are required. This shouldn't be a surprise since the same issue arises with many other FPS-style games for Minetest.

    Other FPS games (non-Minetest) are much more reliable with this.

    I give it a neutral rating because I want to recognize the depth and hard work that was put on it. But I cannot give a recommendation either. The game would be fun if the guns wouldn't lag so much. I guess on a LAN it would be more playable tho.

  • Awsome and suggested to try ;)

    I realy like it! The code is simply, and waiting for the xp ! ;D

  • Very Good!

    I like playing this on Minigames A.E.S and it's fun to make my own maps. Also the textures are VERY good.

  • Love this game

    I have so much fun whenever we organize a tournament on the AES server :D


    I never played S4League, but i am a REALLY lover of FPSArena (like Open Arena and Xonotic <3) and this Block League with its "TouchDown" mode is a very balanced and funny gamemode like a CTF with also the "Arrow-weapon" that allows you to do some Trick like big jumps and streaf :D

    Really fun and good Minigame!

  • Cool

    Great work done there