For Minetest 5.5 and above

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Inspired by the online game S4 League, Block League is a team hack'n'slash minigame where alertness and strategy are everything. Choose between Touchdown and Deathmatch mode, customise your weapons set, and jump into the action!

Try this minigame on our server: just look for A.E.S.

What's new: 0.7.0


  • Add passive skills (HP+ and SP+) (admins: completely remove your previous BL database or it won't work)
  • Treat people dying due to falling down as a kill if they've been hit by someone in the last 5 seconds
  • Add profile GUI
  • Dynamic spectate mode when following the ball
  • Rename energy -> stamina
  • 3D ball
  • Team marker in the scoreboard to tell players in which team they are
  • Improve info panel
  • Improve input HUD
  • Add minigame icon
  • Block inventory access


  • Custom crosshair per weapon
  • SMG: 3D model
  • 2H sword: main attack delay 1.4 -> 1.2


  • Move all death operations inside the arena_lib callback
  • Massive cleaning and refactoring
  • Compress all SFXs to save space
  • Add description to mod.conf
  • Remove commands now integrated within arena_lib
  • Remove bl_weap_secondary_delay metadata, use bl_weap_delay instead
  • Add arena_lib player property kills

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