Magic Compass

Teleport system, all inside a compass

What's new: 1.1.0

How to use it

Look for the "Magic Compass" item in your inventory, put it in your hand and left click it to open the locations menu


Every icon in the menu is a location. Locations must be declared in a .txt document inside the locations folder like so:

Red Forest                  -- the name you want to show in the menu when hovering the icon
magiccompass_redforest.png  -- the associated texture
-3.5, 5.0, -20.5            -- where the player will be teleported
5                           -- (optional) cooldown before being able to use it again. Leave empty or put -1 for none
interact, mygdr_lv10        -- (optional) privileges required in order to use it. Use ", " to separate them or it won't work
HIDE                        -- (optional) whether to hide the icon to players who don't have the required privileges