Perma Time

Allows players to have permanent day/night without changing the game time.

Environment / Weather

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How do I install this?

Makes it possible to permanently have day/night without changing the game time. Type /ptime to either enable permanent daylight, permanent night or disable permanent time.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very weird usage, but overall okay

    This mod basically works by overriding day/night ratio for the player who uses it. This means that the sun and moon do still move, it is just light or dark permanently.

    The mod uses the /ptime command to do three things:

    • Activate ”permanent night” (darkness)
    • Activate ”permanent day” (light)
    • Disable ”permanent time” (normal day/night changes)

    Enter the command repeately to cycle between the modes.

    A possible improvement for this mod would be for the /ptime command to take a parameter, like /ptime day or /ptime night or /ptime disable. That way users would no longer have to guess what the command will do.