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Minetest 5.7 and below

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Be2een Api

timers, animation and action! ciack

This is a library written in lua for the game minetest that implements tools for creating timers and animations as objects that can be configurated with properties and events.

The animation system is flessible, is possible to define custom functions to change ui elements or world behaviour.


The library acts like a mod, just add it in your mod list and enable it in your world. by itself it does nothing, because it implements features for other mods.

Add the dependency in your mod and use the namespace to access the api functionality, see the wiki for a detailed list of all functions.


Currenlty no wiki or documentatio page exists, however the code has comments using the sumnkeno annotation so you can still have info about methods.


Yeah, you can ask for a specific feature in issue or you can implement it and make a pull request.



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