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Public Inventory Plus

This mod adds a public inventory, which can be used by all players.

To open the public inventory, type:


Alternatively, if you are using SFINV (included in Minetest Game) or Unified Inventory, you can open the corresponding tab or click the corresponding button.


  • MineClone support
  • Custom size
  • SFINV and Unified Inventory integration


Configure the size of the public inventory by setting the number of rows and columns in your minetest.conf file:

pubinv_rows = 3
pubinv_cols = 9


This is a fork of FreeBSD's Public Inventory Revisited



Do you recommend this mod?

  • mostly works

    Mineclone2 and 5 does not work. unified_inv and sfinv do work through. For games which are unsported instead of useing a command instead try registering a block instead.

    works find with command so thumbs up.