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Minetest mod: Treasure

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Short description

Treasure nodes as diggable element somewhere in the world

Longer description

Five loot nodes are defined (treasures:treasure1 .. treasures:treasure5), which can be found in different depths. The possible drop items can be extended by other mods.


  • treasures.add_treasure(name,treasure_def) add a new node <name> similar to minetest.register_node
  • treasures.map_treasure(name,map_def) add the definition for map generation to treasure <name>
  • treasures.add_drop(name,drop_def) add to treasure <name> a new drop item (and optional rarety).

Adopted from the idea of daviddoesminetest in his minerdream mod.

Authors of source code

ademant (CC BY 3.0)

Authors of media (textures)

daviddoesminetest (CC BY 3.0)



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