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Subway cars loosely based on New York/American transit

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AdvTrains Train Pack: New York City Subway

This mod provides a control car and intermediate cars for a New York City-like subway train that could fit in just about any American rapid transit type setting.

This mod was originally made by MBB. It is not without its problems. The door animation is broken. The UV unwrapping and geometry have a few warped spots.

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  • Original code and assets copyright (C) 2017 MBB
  • Some code copyright (C) 2022 Blockhead

This software and its assets are licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution License 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0); see LICENSE.txt for details.


  • Original Author: MBB
  • Contributions by: Blockhead
    • Fixed drops
    • Fixed attachment and viewpoint offsets
    • Fixed engine model to not be off-centre
    • Changed floor texture (lino-ish)
  • Contributions by: W3RQ01
    • Changed texture (small improvements)
    • Added sound function
  • Contributions by: y5nw
    • i18n, Locale template and German locale



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