Advtrains Orient Express

A locomotive and carriages of the CIWL Orient Express

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AdvTrains Train Pack: Orient Express

The orient express is a set of three passenger wagons and an electric locomotive, originally authored by MBB. The wagons are styled after the passenger rollingstock of the CIWL, operator of the Orient Express; their profile is the same as the passenger wagon that ships with Basic Trains. The locomotive seems inspired by the Deutsche Reichsbahn class E42/142/242 in a green livery, which has pulled Orient Express trains before, though in a different livery. The mod's full name is advtrains_train_orient_express.

This train is currently developed by W3RQ01 as part of the AdvTrains Supplemental organisation. W3RQ01 added engine and horn sounds, fixed the inventory images, fixed the drops and reworked the textures. He also added the 'restored' wagon.

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  • Original code and assets copyright (C) 2017 MBB
    • textures/advtrains_compartment_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_compartment.png
    • textures/advtrains_engine_electronic.png
    • textures/advtrains_sleep.png
    • models/advtrains_engine_electronic.b3d
    • models/advtrains_wagon_compartment.b3d
    • models/advtrains_wagon_sleep.b3d
  • Portions of code and some textures and sounds (C) 2022 W3RQ01
    • textures/advtrains_compartment_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_compartment.png (partially derived from MBB's work)
    • textures/advtrains_sleep_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_engine_electronic_2.png (partially derived from MBB's work)
    • textures/advtrains_engine_electronic_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_orient_express_restored_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_orient_express_restored.png (partially derived from MBB's work)
    • textures/advtrains_sleep_inv.png
    • textures/advtrains_sleep.png (partially derived from MBB's work)
    • sounds/advtrains_train_orient_express_engine_throttle.ogg
  • Portions of code (C) 2022 Blockhead
  • Horn sound originally from Basic Trains/Advtrains Trains Industrial by MBB
  • 'Electronic engine' sound recorded by W3RQ01

This software and its assets are licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution License 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0); see LICENSE.txt for details.


  • Original Author: MBB
  • Contributions by: Blockhead
  • Contributions by: W3RQ01
    • Fixed drops
    • Added sounds
    • Fixed speed limits
    • Added new wagon
    • Reworked textures
    • Created readme



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