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A model Stephenson's rocket and some barrel wagons

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Advtrains Train: Rocket

The Rocket is a model of Stephenson's Rocket, a very early steam locomotive and the winner of the Rainhill Trials in 1829. Also included is the rocket's tender and a larger open wagon in the same style.

All but one of the wagons in this mod are craftable. There are also some barrels included in the mod that act like chests; they form the load of the cargo wagons and are used in their crafting recipes.

The Rocket locomotive itself is quite slow and limited to 5 m/s, so don't expect to travel fast with it.

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  • Original code and assets copyright (C) 2017, 2022 MBB
  • Portions of code (C) 2020 Peter Nerlich
  • Portions of code (C) 2021 Blockhead

This software and its assets are licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution License 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0); see LICENSE.txt for details.


Original Author: MBB Contributions by: Peter Nerlich, Blockhead



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