Minetest 5.4 - 5.7

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Nodeverse is an in-development game about exploring a huge universe full of endless possibilities. Inspired by games like No Man's Sky, it is instead based on voxel mechanics. As it is such a big project, it currently features a small ad hoc mini-game built on top in order to make the existing content playable (and hopefully fun).

How to play

These are the instructions for playing the default mini-game that comes with this version of Nodeverse.

You will begin flying on a small spaceship. Use 'jump' (space by default), 'sneak' (shift by default) and the movement keys to control it. You can land the ship by pressing 'sneak', and lift up again by pressing 'jump' or unboard by pressing any movement key. Once landed, the ship can be modified, by digging or placing nodes and hull plates, or punching scaffold nodes to shape them.

If you fly high enough, you'll break out of the atmosphere and into outer space. You can return to the planet by flying lower using 'sneak'. There's also a GUI that you can open with the inventory button; this shows planets around you and, when in space, can be used to visit them.

Most planets contain precious loot in the form of colorful piñatas that drop new spaceship parts upon breaking. There is one piñata hidden somewhere on the surface of each planet. Find it and use those parts to customize your ship to your liking, or even build a new one.

How to help

This game is aimed to be a complex space exploration adventure... someday. For now, there are many ways to lend a hand and build it together:

  • Try it and report bugs!
  • Have an idea? Please tell the developer and discuss it!
  • Get your hands dirty. Art, code and documentation are welcome.



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