Nodeverse is an in-development game about exploring a huge universe full of endless possibilities. Inspired by games like No Man's Sky, it is instead based on voxel mechanics. As it is such a big project, in its current form it's just a minimal (but solid) foundation, with a small ad hoc mini-game built on top in order to make it playable (and hopefully fun).

How to play

These are the instructions for playing the default mini-game that comes with this version of Nodeverse.

You will begin with a rocket in your inventory. Place it on the ground and then use it in order to get onboard. After that, you can hold your 'jump' key (spacebar by default) to start the engine at full thrust and fly upwards. As you fly, you can use normal direction keys to control the rocket, and the 'sneak' key (shift key by default) to use the engine at low thrust so as to land more easily. If your rocket is falling at a dangerous speed, it will be indicated as a warning icon at the top-left corner of your screen; hitting the ground at these speeds can hurt you if damage is enabled.

Flying uses fuel, which you may eventually run out of. If you accidentally die from hard-landing or hazardous liquids, or are forced to do so after using up all your fuel, you'll get three score metrics: horizontal, vertical and total distance from the origin. You'll get these scores displayed in the chat, and personal records highlighted. If you're playing in a multiplayer server, server-wide records in any of the three categories will also be announced to everyone.

How to help

This game is aimed to be a complex space exploration adventure... someday. For now, there are many ways to lend a hand and build it together:

  • Try it and report bugs!
  • Have an idea? Please tell the developer and discuss it!
  • Get your hands dirty. Art, code and documentation are welcome.



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