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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Modpack to add automobiles to minetest

depends: biofuel,mobkit

The main goal of this modpack is the detection of slopes and elevations by the vehicles, so the expected is for the vehicle to follow them. The collision will still be improved as the engine is also improved, so don't demand so much. For the vehicle operation, fuel is needed, although it will always start with some. You can install the Lokrate's Biofuel mod to make some fuel. Or at last instance, install Airutils mod to have a fuel distiler used by the airplanes. When playing "Drift Game", the cars don't use any fuel, and some cars are inserted into player's inventory automatically.

Now with inventory

W: Forward

S: Brake

A: Left

D: Right

E: Horn

Shift: Reverse (or goes down on Delorean Time Machine when flying)

E + right click (from outside): car inventory

Space (Jump): Delorean Time Machine goes up

When the box "Drive with mouse" is turned on, the driver can drive it with mouse movements.

It can be painted by punching dye on it. Or the painter. And fueled by punching biofuel

Special Privs:


  • Gives a valet parking priv for a player

Chat Commands:

/transfer_vehicle player_name

  • Transfer the ownership of the vehicle. You must be on the vehicle to perform the command

/noobfy_the_vehicles true/false

  • Enable an ease mode for vehicle usage. Requires a server manual restart after the command.

PS: The Time Machine version of the Delorean does not have recipe.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Best cars mod yet

    This is a cars mod that is not too laggy to drive (as other cars nods seem to be), and the cars feel realistic enough as they drive over uneven terrain. Plus working lights, steering wheel, turning front wheel, and horn!

  • A really realistic mod

    This mod can make any cubical sandbox game player fall for it. It has nearly everything a vehicle requires. Firstly, you have a tire rotation animation. Then lights and also the climbing animation. I just felt for this mod and loved it. You can add inventory to the vehicles you have and even in those which you would make in future

  • Nice mod, but the author can make it better.

    I have to admit that this mod attracted me. Because I can drive cars in Minetest, likes driving a real car in the real world. And the mod has folding roofs, fuel systems, and car lights. But I hope you extend the maximum seat limit to 4 or above that we can make sedans/wagons or MPV/SUVs and even buses. I hope the mod becomes better. Just keep working! : )

  • Awesome Mod, best car mod

    This mod is truly one of the best car mods out there. i like the options for WASD or mouse pointer and that there is light.

    Please add more cars, like Police, Ambulance, Military car, normal cars, racing cars, Bikes, Motorbikes and Trucks

    However, I find that the steering control takes too long. And I find it's a bit laggy when driving

    I can recommend the mod

    Physics: 7/10 Textures: 8.5/10 Models: 9.4/10

  • Almost ideal vehicles mod.

    This mod is pretty well-developed in all aspects such as models, textures, wheels animation, driving, interaction menu and etc and this is certainly much more advanced than DOOMed's vehicles mod. However, there is still a low variety of cars, has the only kind of truck and there are no ambulance, police, buses. Also I'd recommend to do the inventory icons look like as in the vehicles (view to the model from the camera under 45 degrees of pitch and yaw), not just white-color flat outlines.

  • NICE funny

    Nice vehicle good for drive ,just annoing when need take car just drop component but i understand the motivation good mod

  • Fun

    I play this mod with my friends alot. Its very nice and polished :)

  • Nice cars!

    finally some nice cars for minetest :) really good job on making this mod! i love it keep up the good work!

  • Another excellent transport mod by Apercy

    The models are really well done and fit-in with Minetest's low-poly world. The textures are decent but some detailed parts look sorta messy. The physics are really good considering Minetest's lack of entity features. Just use a mod like basic_streets or street signs and you can drive around in a realistic car on a realistic road. Of course, like any mod with vehicles, the cars are sometimes jittery but not as much as other mods I have seen. The slopes from the mods above only really work at a medium speed (speeding = crash!), at fast speeds the car doesn't go up the slope. Horn, lights, steering animations. This mod is just superior to others

    Question: I feel like the back door in the mail van can open. If so, how do i open it?

    8/10 physics

    8/10 textures

    10/10 models/animations

  • This mod is sweet

    It's like a dream come true for me, like a successor to the D00Med Vehicles Mod, with interiors as well, it's what it made the cherry on top of this amazing mod.

  • very nice mod, but how do i go uphill?

    awesome mod :) but i cant seem to go up any hills, how do i do this?

  • Great mod for a server.

    While I noticed a little bit of collision issues I'm currently using this mod on my Minetest server. I changed the fuel economy of the vehicles to better fit my needs but this is probably one of the best vehicle mods for Minetest.

  • Awesome

    Awesome car mod !

    We can see that Apercy is really experimented at minetest vehicules programming :)

    I recommend

  • Since I installed this mod I can't play minetest without it

    It is just a bit hard to drive on V7 worlds please make a automobile that can drive over blocks (4X4)

  • godlike

    you are a god i quit using any vehicles on here for a long time simply because they were aweful but i seen yours and said why not and they are the best by miles i hope you keep working on them and adding more to play with thanks for this great mod also you should think about making a new train mod from the ground up adv trains is bad id love to see a new one

  • how do i get out lol (edit: nvm)

    great mod dunno how to get out (i figured it out)

  • How to move backwards

    Is there way for turning on reverse?