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Minetest 5.4 mod: Hydroplane - Super Duck

The Super Duck

This one tries to implement some flight, using the mobkit mod. In order to fly, it is necessary to first supply the airplane with biofuel. Then with a bottle or gallon selected, punch it against the airplane floater. You can use 10 bottles them to fill the tank. See the fuel gauge on the airplane panel (right below, with a green F). To embark, click with the right button. While the machine is off, it is possible to move it using the sneak and jump keys (shift an space). W ans S controls the pitch (elevator). Right and Left (A and D) controls the yaw (rudder and ailerons).

Then to fly, start the engine with the special key E. Press jump (space) to increase the engine power (check the panel for the indicator marked with a yellow P). Adjust to the maximum. Pull the elevator control (S) when it have the speed to lift.

During the cruise flight, it is ideal to keep the power setting below the red range, to control fuel consumption. Use the climb indicator to stabilize altitude, as at high altitudes you lose sustentation and you spend more fuel.

For landing, just lower the power and stabilize the airplane. Pay attention at air speed indicator, keeping it at green range, otherwise you will stall.

Care must be taken with impacts, as it causes damage to the aircraft and the pilot, so training landings is essential.

To brake the airplane, use the sneak (shift) key until it comes to a complete stop. Do not stop the engine before this, or it will reverse when it stops

To repair damages, you can use the repair tool. It subtracts steel ingots to increase airplane hp.

It can be painted using dye of any color you want, you must punch the airplane with the dye.

Biofuel mod can be found here:

Controls overview :

  • Right click: enter in/get off plane
  • Left click (with biofuel): add fuel to plane
  • Right click and Sneak: enter in flight instructor mode (limited vision, so use debug info)
  • E: Start engine
  • Jump: Increase power, forward on ground
  • Sneak: Decrease power, brake on ground
  • Backward: go up flying - nose up
  • Forward: go down flying - nose down
  • Left/right: Turn to left/right, work on and out ground.
  • Left and Right together: center all commands
  • Sneak and Jump together (normal mode): activates de autopilot
  • Sneak and Jump together (instruction mode): give/take the controls to/from pilot student
  • Up and Down together: enable/disable HUD

Chat Commands:

/hydro_eject - ejects from the vehicle

/hydro_manual - shows the manual

Don't forget:

Update the lib airutils in your minetest, it's important, all flight functions depends on airutils

Some Considerations About Servers:

The mod is running since the development start at Mercurio Server. The mod requires average performance to fly satisfactorily. But consider adjusting the dedicated_server_step parameter so that the behavior is more fluid. it will operate with the default setting of 0.1, the ideal value being 0.01 (but this would consume a lot of resources). Then experiment with values between 0.05 to 0.09, in order to achieve the best performance within the existing limitations. Or don't touch anything, they are just suggestions.

License of source code: LGPL v3 (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds): CC0



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Superb!!!!!!!

    This mod is really amazing and I loved it. Flying a plane in a total realistic way was super fun. I used this mod with cloudlands and it was a good way to travel. Plus showing your pilot skills is also posssible

  • Vroooooooooommm!!!!

    Ohhh yes! The best flying mod you can get for Minetest! Very nice and realistic like flying mechanics, the only problem is that it cant make a loop, cant dive and trying to fly higher is hard and takes long, fixable? What really would be cool is fighter planes! like spitfires and stukas for epic sky battles.

  • Super

    I recommend it to everyone because it's the best airplane mod for MT so far. The hydroplane is perfect for long expeditions into the unknown because it can land both on land and on water. It is maneuverable, and consume far less fuel than nss helicopter on the same route. Autopilot at a high altitude (above 220) is also a great thing, and of course two phase painting. Great respect.

  • Fun

    This is my go-to for quick and entertaining trips from A to B on my map, as well as provides a great way to do aerial surveying and map exploring!

    The addition of fuel management and painting also adds some fun new gameplay.

  • great

    really good airplane handles good looks good dont like the sound sounds like a pissed off bumblebee in a jar

  • Nice mod

    i like that i can land on water thereby preventing loss in the oceans, only thing is that when you display HUD gauges it doesn't display the fuel or power gauges. i might try to find a way to get them to work myself but really thats all that's lacking.

  • Cool aircraft mod

    With realistic controls.

  • up up and away

    This is a fun mod to use and fly around with :)

  • very nice

    one of the/-the best plane mod in minetest!

  • Nice and realistic mod

    Very cool mod,

    I'll try to add a painter (with technic painter) to have more airplanes colors. Add front lights can be a good idea. Also, the mod is a bit lagging on my computer, but the gameplay is fantastic. Finally, how to deploy back gears ?

  • This mod is amazing!

    Pretty good physic, very good 3d models and textures. Good feeling. Not too laggy and no crash. The only not "bad" point is hydroplane is not very fast and a bit difficult to takeoff.


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