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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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Minetest 5.2 mod: Kart Car

This is a kart car, a mod that provides a little race car. It can be painted using dye of any color you want, you must punch the seat with the dye.

Your kart starts with fuel. To refuel you need stop, turn the engine off and punch a biofuel vial or gallon against the kart.

  • arrows to control acceleration, brake, direction.
  • shift to go backwards
  • E key to turn the engine on

The kart runs better on solid blocks like stones, clay, etc. If you try to run over grass, snow or permafrost, the speed will be severely reduced.

It uses some code from Sailing Kit (by TheTermos)

License of source code: MIT (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds):

engine.ogg, drift.ogg and collision.ogg by APercy. See License file

Kart model by APercy. See License file



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Cool

    An interesting start, but feels slightly unpolished to use. This may be due to engine limitations, though

    It would be good if the camera was locked onto the kart's direction, as manually turning it is annoying.

    It's not obvious that you need to use E to turn the engine on, and then up to accelerate. I suggest making the engine always be on or adding a HUD hint

  • Good looking, fun and realistic

    Karts are moving very smoothly and looks very good! This is a pretty fun mod to use to make a race with friends xD

  • Epic design and playability!

    This looks amazing and works very well. The only thing I find kinda annoying is that the steering/rotation velocity is very slow which sometimes makes it harder to drift. Other than that, it works and is pretty good!

  • tons of fun

    i really like it love to see more like it