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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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Minetest 5.2 mod: Nautilus

This is the "Nautilus", a grandchild mod from "Sailing Kit". It's water dynamics comes from Sailing Kit (by TheTermos). So it depends on mobkit. And It dependes on the biofuel mod for fuel making. With keyboard you can move the nautilus. When you press sneak, it dives, when you press jump, it emerges. And you can set anchor again by pressing E, but it only works when the Nautilus is near completely stopped (when the anchor is sucessfull, you receive a message on chat).

It can be painted using dye of any color you want, you must punch the hatch with the dye.

Controls overview: (note: all click events must be done against the hatch, above your head)

  • Right click: enter in/get off the submarine
  • Left click (with biofuel): add fuel to submarine
  • E: drops/get the anchor (but the submarine must be near stoped)
  • Jump: go up/emerges
  • Sneak: go down/dives
  • Backward: go back
  • Forward: go foward
  • Left/right: Turn to left/right
  • Forward and Backward together: shots light 20 blocks ahead (where the user is pointing)

Biofuel mod can be found here:

It uses some code from Sailing Kit (by TheTermos)

License of source code: MIT (see file LICENSE)

License of media (textures and sounds):

collision.ogg by APercy. See License file

Submarine model by APercy. See License file



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good fun, but lights and controls could be better

    This was fun to "swim" around in, even with GreenXenith spawning planes below me

    I found it hard to work out what to do, as there wasn't a manual and the controls didn't match the motor boat. But worked it out eventually

    The lighting was a bit inconsistent - would be nice to have a forward light, maybe make the entity glow a bit because of light sources on it. I understand this potentially something limited by the engine

  • 100% recommended

    this mod is extremely useful, now i can explore deep ocean and deep underground lake with ease

  • It is very good.-

    It lacks a bit of optimization and some lights but the idea is great and it works.-

  • Very good mod

    Nice physic and animation. Can the speed of the submarine be a bit increased? Currently, it's a bit too slow.