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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Modpack to add WWI era planes to Minetest. The main goal of this modpack is to make the the possibility of dogfights over Minetest skies and some bombing missions. Fuel is needed to operate the planes, and ammunition to combat. The ammunition can be fed through plane inventory. To shot bullets, just punch. To drop bombs, hold AUX (E key) and punch. The plane can be armed with 300 rounds of bullets and more can be loaded from the plane inventory using the "Reload" button. The bombs don't need a reload, it will drop directly from plane inventory. So choose wisely what you carry on plane's inventory.

And to fly it, the user must have the priv "WW1_flight_licence"

Vehicle Operation

W: nose down

S: nose up

A: Left

D: Right

E: special key - hold to drop bomb when punch

Shift: reduce engine power

Space: increase engine power

Planes can be colored by punching them with dye (left for primary color, right for secondary). To fuel a vehicle, punch it with biofuel.

Server Command Lines:

  • /damage_bypass_protection true

    destruction can be made on protected areas if this is enabled. Default value: false

  • /no_fixed_owner true

    there is no ownership on the planes, so beware, the enemy can steal it. Default: false



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